Close Protection for Thai Dignitary

On the 20th of November 2012, ATB Security Ltd received a phone call from The Cambridge University asking us if we could supply 3 security guards for a VIP who was to be lecturing at one of their campus lecture halls. The event was to take place in 2 days time. I explained that they had left it a little late to get any company to supply staff at such short notice, but I would endeavour to
help. As it was a VIP, I needed experienced staff to show that ATB could give our usual high quality service. Half an hour later I phoned them back and confirmed we could be of assistance.

I also explained that we would like to know a little more about the VIP guest speaker as there could be possible issues with challenges and I would need to ensure the high calibre of the staff contracted for the event. Cambridge University told us that, because of the secrecy of his visit, it was
on a “need to know” basis. I reiterated that if we are responsible for a person’s safety, it is vital that we understand the gravity of the situation. The University declined to give further information.

As Cambridge University is a High Value Client, we could not refuse, as a refusal may jeopardise any future contracts. I subsequently agreed to provide the relevant security.

On the day, we arrived half an hour early for a compulsory risk assessment of the area, checking fire exits, toilet cisterns, under the auditorium seats, under the stage etc. The event organisers asked us for explanation of the procedures and I explained that this was a matter of standard security
procedures involving VIPs.

It was then that they revealed that the guest speaker was the Ex Prime Minister of Thailand. If we had received this information earlier then we would have supplied Close Protection operatives. We made the best of the situation, and escorted him from his Rolls Royce to the lecture room. When he had finished we escorted him to his Rolls Royce and ATB led the 2 car motorcade to a restaurant. Cambridge University were very happy with the service provided by ATB.

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