ATB Staff Exhibit “Duty Of Care”

ATB had an incident over the Easter Bank Holiday whereby a young couple had to be asked to leave one of our venues because they were having a full blown row and disrupting a birthday party. They were escorted from the venue but continued to shout at each other outside.
The venue is close to residential properties so the doorstaff asked them to move away from the area. The man was very angry and ran over to a shop window and head butted it, smashing  the plate glass window and falling inside the shop. The doorstaff ran over to help him as he managed to climb out.

The man’s face was covered in cuts, there was blood everywhere and the man was intent on self destruction. ATB doorstaff rang the police and an ambulance and made a barrier between the man and the next window he was intent on breaking. Once he realised that he could not further damage himself or the property around him he wept uncontrollably.

ATB did not handle the man but maintained his safety, and the safety of others and their property. After 10 minutes the police and ambulance arrived and worked on the man’s injuries.


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