ATB Duty Of Care

To those amongst us, who are of a certain age, remember the “Bouncers”of old, who, when you approached a venue (pub, club or whatever) you made sure you didn’t
make eye contact with the doorstaff, simply because they were so intimidating, you were afraid they wouldnt let you in, simply because they didn’t like the way you looked. It was never a polite,”Sorry mate you cant come in, you’re wearing trainers”. You were more than likely grabbed out of the queue,and launched across the car park. You couldn’t argue back as you knew these “Gorrillas” would rearrange your face.

Happily, things have come on a long way since then,and those days are now consigned to the history books. Most people I have spoken to in their 40s and 50s have some story to tell of these over zealous thugs,and none of them are nice experiences.

It is fortunate for us all that these days a “Door Supervisor” has to undertake training laid out by the SIA, a government legislated body, that stipulates you must complete a 4/5 day “Door Supervisors” course to become a “Licenced” “Door Supervisor”. These courses are all well and good and allow you lawfully to work on “The Doors”, but no amount of “classroom scenarios or teaching” can prepare you for the “Real” world of securing licenced premises. There is an old saying,”You can’t beat experience” and it is a very valid saying, particularly in the security game.

Now if you are following my blog, I have a very interesting “Real Life” story which encapsulates “experience” and “Duty of Care”  More in the next few days.
Geoff Bennett,MD.
Stay safe, Keep safe.

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