Commercial Property Security

Commercial Property is expected to be the squatters choice from now on, as this is outside the new law.

Recently the law regarding squatting in empty properties in England and Wales changed. It is now a criminal offence to squat in residential properties. Squatters can now be removed immediately by the police, arrested and charged with a criminal  offence-as a result of this.

The growing population of squatters are now actively looking for alternative properties to take over and use.

Commercial properties are expected  to be the squatters choice from now on as this is outside of the new law.

Now is the time to review your current Security arrangements. ATB’s experienced manned guarding services are a visual deterant to would be squatters.

Security measures are far more cost effective than a long drawn out eviction order,  involving the police and costs (which we are reliably informed will be billed to the landlord of the property),  if your insurance doesnt include a security clause, plus the cost of Bailiffs.

ATB Security – Experienced Manned Guarding Services, Giving peace of mind.